MY SECRET PLAYLIST 1 : Michel Masserey

Michel Masserey is an influent journalist in Switzerland’s music world. He has worked for "Le Temps" and magazine "L'Hebdo". In 2003, he became cultural correspondent for swiss national Radio in Zurich. Michel Masserey is also a major shareholder of the French music magazine "Tsugi". His impeccable taste for the music of the late 70s and early 80s reveals his own secret playlist between the most amazing New Wave, Industrial and Electronics.

Everybody has a secret (musical) garden. We are not talking about greatest hits but songs that we have deeply loved and we still don't know why. Forgotten bands or B-sides, rare recordings and unlikely cover versions and even your brother's first (and last)'s time to share your SECRET PLAYLIST ! ///// Powered by Poor Records & Public Image

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