MY SECRET PLAYLIST 4 : Davy G.R. Bergier

Davy is a mulit-talented french artist born in Besançon and now living in Tokyo. At the age of 6 he got into college of music (Conservatoire) where he started to learn classical music. From his local notoriety he got sollicitations to play, compose, arrange for recordings, as for Squeegee,
Djam & Fam, Jimmy Cliff (Ricard Live Music Tour 1998). At the end of 90s, he signed with Florent Prabel a major contract with Polygram. By the mid-90s he also started to deejay in Paris. In 2001 pursuing his creative activity he slided «behind the stage»
to become the artistic director for Pschent Music and its 2-millions-seller compilations series «Hotel Costes by Stephane Pompougnac». Meanwhile he composed 5 tv-bgm albums for Axs Music. With Jean Moncaut in 2005 Davy founded a new label, Only Music - production of original music for TV,-Shows. They also produced more than 10 premium compilations and original music for Hugo Boss, France. Today the music catalogue of Only Music counts more than 400 tracks. In 2006, one of his track «I Could Be More Happy», was used for a Japanese TV ad.
This track successfully got a buzz in Japan and logically invited him to released his debut album «Smiling Machine». He has composed several music for japanese Tv-commercial In 2009 he had his first exhibition in Tokyo called Nomiso, held by A-Bridge gallery.
he’s also guitarist for japanese artists lives as SMAP, KODA KUMI,JUN SHIBUKI, etc. From 2011he has started his own rock band called VOLGA and he’s preparing a new art exhibition.

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