Goodbye Ivan and Pol welcome you on the Aeroflot flight to a far and unknown location. Please check the opposite door but do not fasten your seat belts.. Fans of Atoms for Peace, Thom Yorke and Moderat will be familiar with the flight conditions, and should not experience any motion sickness. Two experienced copilots manually flying a sweet and ambient electronica mixed with aerial and hypnotical vocals.

"WOW!!.. Best album I've heard so far this year... This is melodic and deep, edgy and moody. Driving emotions all over this set. The sound is BIG, well-produced and uncompromisingly original. Like nothing I've heard before. Elements of indie, ambient, rock, breakbeats and electronica all converge into a spectacular display of musical brilliance. Full support!"
Donald Wilborn, Embarcadero Records (Dallas, USA)
"Love It!"
Jasper Gape, Nerdy Frames (Auckland, NZ)
"TRES unique."
Michael Stukes, WHCR 90.3 FM (Harlem, USA)
Stephen McCauley, BBC Radio Foyle (UK)
"Very good writing and production skills !"
Greg Kozo, Make The Girl Dance (FR)

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