New Jersey Girl

"We don’t know much about them, except that they didn’t meet in Rio but at the 2012 Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo. In March 2013 we received a track called « New Jersey Girl » from a young Swiss musician telling us he made it with a Norwegian friend who wants to remain anonymous because he is playing in a progressive metal Swedish band. Shit happens, but whoever they are, Boys from Brazil know how to rock a party and that’s enough for us." 

This is a very limited 7" vinyl. Only 30 copies

Quotes :
"Top Track! Very catchy Swiss electronica with sprinklings of Air. Love the Kid Chocolat remix too"
Rhys / Jakokoyak, Peski Records
"Poppy, Electro, all I like, Will play tonight for the Kenzo After Party "
Jazzamar / Mr& Mrs Bund Shanghai
"This is great, very Soft Cellish"
Jonjo Jury / Durrr/ Hotboydancingspot
"Very cool track, atmospheric and quirky.. Hipster vibes and laid back grooves.. "
Donald Wilborn / Embarcadero Records
"Love it!"
Jasper Gape / Nerdy Frames